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A Bit About Me



Elaine Castro

Inspired by



Fashion Design

Tattoo Style

Abstract and Nature


I go by Lainey, it's a casual, simple and friendly version of my name Elaine. A free spirit person who constantly seeks new experiences, in love with nature, music and art.


A Brazilian Fashion Designer who worked for over 10 years in the area, owning my own clothing brand with focus on social and ecological issues, promoting collaboration with a diverse number of artistic personalities.


When I felt the need of changing my life I decided to move to Europe. Seven years ago, I arrived in Ireland and was missing the connection with art, so three years ago I bought a tattoo machine and started to learn by myself.


I am focused on Blackwork, Linework, Abstract and Botanical tattoo style where I can deeply express myself without limits.

I thank everyone for trusting me, and I guarantee that I will always renew myself and strive to be better each day at what I do.

Let's Ink!



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