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Elaine Castro

Inspired by



Fashion Designer

Private Studio

67, Eccles Street, Basement - D7 - Dublin - Ireland


A Bit About Me

My name is Elaine Castro but I call myself Lainey. It's a pretty new coinage and a very casual form of Elaine, so Lainey comes across as unpretentious and informal. It's a friendly, simple and pretty two-syllable name.

By the way I am Brazilian and I came to Ireland to learn this universal language. Before arriving here I was always connected to the art field, someone who is always looking for something new, who is fascinated by change, I am graduated in Fashion Design and I worked over 10 years in more than 8 different places including my own clothing brand in which I invited artists to create pieces of art and then I filmed the process and transformed it into a print. I always created themes related to social and ecological issues.

After trying so hard to survive and not being able to do it financially speaking, I decided to say goodbye to Brazil and explore Europe. Arriving here, in 2016, I worked on several places, among them, taking care of the elderly, which was a dream, and I was able to make it come true here in Dublin, until I had an idea to study Eyebrow Design and, in a few months later, buying a tattoo machine. It was amazing the first time I tattooed, I felt like I had done this before.

And here I am, since 2019, bringing the beauty of the nature and my inspirations to your skin. I thank everyone for trusting me, and I guarantee that I will always renew myself and strive to be better each day at what I do.

Love to create, feeling to tattoo.


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